Sail TRIM AGAIN & the United Nations Sustainability Goals

Carbon Footprint, Environmental & Wildlife Sustainability 


Charter boats directly impact many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially those linked to responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water, and more. That is why we continue to explore and implement new methods of sustainable tourism. We believe we can have a positive impact through our stewardship of the environment, education of our guests and support of historic and environmental preservation now and in the future.


We pride ourselves on delivering a guest experience that not only takes into account the joy of being on the water  but also is an educational experience, relating to the area’s history, natural history, wildlife and challenges to sustaining these resources.  While our Sailing experiences, oar and electric tenders leave a minimal carbon footprint our motor yacht tours do. To reduce our carbon footprint we govern the speed of our motor vessel and maintain and tune the motors to be efficient. We find it extremely important to engage our guests in understanding how we all can play a positive part in preserving the areas we explore. Encouraging our guests to learn about the ecology, environment, wildlife and historic environments we feel is the first step as a provision of hands-on experiences that further amplify the importance of sustainability.


GOALS: TO: Reduce carbon footprint through the emphasis on sailing and electric                                  propulsion.

                      Protect wildlife from distrubance including noise, physical contact.

                      Protect the environment

                      Pro-actively Pick up while underway, plastic, ballons, fishing lines that                                   impact wildlife above and below the water surface.   

                      Educate guests and partners regarding sustainability, wildlife and climate

                      Support environmental & historic preservation organizations

                      Support sustainable aquiculture including buy local

                      Lead by example


Sail Trim Again is the first regional tour operator to have removed single-use      plastic from our fleet.

Each season we pick up from the sea plastic, ballons and fishing line.

Provide free talks related to history and conservation.

As local ambassadors  actively engage guests in the history of the region, the ecosystems we explore, and the consequences of climate change we observe.