PIXIE is very rare 1923 Herreshoff H-15. The H-15 hull was designed under the then-prevailing Length and Sail Area Rule, resulting in graceful, narrow hulls with long overhangs. 

The America’s Cup yacht COLUMBIA was designed to this rule, and many refer to the 15 as “Little Columbia”.  When heeled over, the waterline length increases, and the boat picks up speed.

Known as the Wizard of Bristol, Nat Herreshoff was an innovative and brilliant designer, sailor, and boatbuilder. Features common on boats today—sail tracks and slides, bulb keels, fin keels, and hollow aluminum masts—were all developed by Herreshoff. He designed and built one of the earliest catamarans seen in the US.                                   


Columbia V Shamrock 1899 America's Cup

The Watch Hill, WH-15s were intended for speed and aggressive racing by members of the Watch Hill Yacht Club. Today a fleet of fiberglass replicas sail Watch Hill.  The long overhangs built to the relatively light scantlings were  fragile, and cracked ribs and keels were common.  As a result of the eleven (11) original boats only three (3) are still sailing.  The others are either lost, in museums or waiting new owners to restore them.

These boats are thrilling sailors.  They are fast, stiff, and responsive.  The hull is slippery, and even at speed so little turbulence is created that the boat leaves virtually no wake.  Even at close to 100 years old, a 15-footer can give a modern go-fast machine a run for its money.*

*Herreshoff Register: Creator:Steve Nagy 

We limit PIXIE to two (2) guests. We sail off and on her mooring in Watch Hill Harbor. Your party goes to  the Watch Hill Yacht Club. Park in the lots on Bay St., go to the Yacht Club and take the launch out to PIXIE; your Captain will be waiting for you.


2 Hours$500