Captain Jack's Sail Trim Again supports Mystic Seaport Museum and NESS, New England Sailing and Science through donations and scholarships.


In memory of Sail Trim Again's and Capt. Jack's first mate  Kristen, who was instramental in founding and supporting every aspect of Sail Trim Again's  mission, Capt. Jack offers the following programs free:

I.  K.R.I.S. Scholarships:

         Following Kristen's cancer diagnosis, Capt. Jack created a scholarship fund in her honor, in association with the Mystic Seaaport Museum's youth sail training program the schooner BRILLIANT (the oldest traditional youth sail training program in America). Kristen had sailed many time aboard BRILLIANT and believed that a ten day voyage for a young person would have a profound impact, and it has.  For the past three years Capt. Jack and Kristen have worked with high school students from as far away as California. KRIS stands for Kind, Respect, Integrity, Sincerity traits  that Kristen lived throughout her short life.

A.  Mystic Seaport Museum's youth sail training schooner BRILLIANT.

B.  NESS, New England Sailing & Science, Stonington, CT summer STEM week long        educational programs for children. 


II. Kristen's Gift: Private (only you and your partner or just you) Friday (free) champagne sunset sail for couple struggling with Cancer and partners in mourning. See details below.


III. Mystic Seaport Museum in kind donation of M/V ENCORE and Capt Jack for historical talk followed by a two hour sightseeing and historical tour of Fishers Island Sound. Departing from Mystic Seaport Museum April and November with all fees going to support Mystic Seaport Museum.


Contact Capt. Jack for more information; 860.227.2339



Kristen's Gift:


A champagne sunset sail aboard TRIM AGAIN or motor yacht ENCORE for couples dealing with cancer or a partner in mourning

About Kristen:

Kristen loved sailing and during her three year battle with stage IV colon Cancer in addition to keeping the spirits up of those around her, continuing to work and to bring happiness, love and joy to her family, friends and assoicates, Kristen managed to achieve her captains license. Her kind spirit, love of life, warmth, empathy and beauty was a gift to us all. Kristen would be embarrassed but also honored to be the inspiration for this program.


As a certified health coach Kristen was an advocate and poster child for the need for everyone , especially healthy women to have a colon screening starting at age 45! Kristen a strong, athletic and healthy woman that had regular physical exams was diagnoised with stage IV colon cancer at 51! 


Captain Jack, in memory of Kristen is offering couples struggling with cancer as well as those who have lost a partner  the opportunity to enjoy an unforgetable, special, happy evening champagne sunset aboard his beautiful wooden yachts TRIM AGAIN & ENCORE. Kristen  loved to be on the water especially sailing TRIM AGAIN.

Please call Captain Jack at 860.227.2339 to schedule. Kristen's Gift Sunset Cruise is private just you  or you and your partner. The program is offered free, includes a bottle of sparkling wine and is held every Friday from May to October.








Kristen Gerthoffer Woodmansee September 11, 1965- August 16, 2020


" I was set free! I dessolved in the sea, became white sails and flying spray, became beauty and rhythm, became moonlight and the ship and the high dim-starred sky! I belonged, without past or future, within peace and unity and a wild joy, within something greater than my own life, or the life of Man, to Life itself!..."" Eugene O'Neill, Long Days Journey into Night.